DCPTA has a Student Special Interest Group (SSIG) and all DCPTA student members are automatically members of the SSIG. One of the goals of the group is to provide more opportunities for students of both programs to interact with each other and develop a professional network both as students and as future clinicians. In addition, DCPTA has a Core Ambassador who is the primary link between the APTA Student Assembly Board of Directors and PT and PTA students in each state. The Core Ambassador for DC is Nora Arnold.
DCPTA Student Special Interest Group (SSIG)
Chair: Tiphani Jackson
Vice Chair: Jordyn Glover
Secretary: Tyla Bates
GW Liaison: Elony May
Howard Liason: Roxanne Eugene

The purpose of the SSIG is to provide a means for student physical therapists and student physical therapist assistants in a geographic region to meet, confer, and become more involved in their state's official professional chapter of the APTA. Having the SSIG in D.C. will increase student involvement with the APTA at both the national and state level, providing an advantage to students in the area who are interested in developing a professional network, optimizing their communication skills, strengthening their knowledge base, as well as refining their interest in specialty fields of practice. Besides providing a professional advantage, the SSIG will hold fun events for students, including social events such as fundraising competitions between schools, dances, district meetings, educational events, legislative events, and student outreach. 

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Social Networking Web Sites Join the APTATA Student Assembly Facebook group, created especially for PT and PTATA students. Visit often to stay informed of upcoming events and information that you won't want to miss. Plus, you'll have the opportunity to upload pictures or videos, start conversations on the discussion board, and leave comments for your friends. You can also become a fan of the APTA Facebook public profile, which features additional updates and insights. You can also find APTA on Twitter, the microblogging service that allows colleagues, friends, and family to stay connected one "tweet" at a time. You can view APTATA's Twitter updates anytime by visiting

Student Assembly As a dues-paying PT/PTATA student member of APTATA, you're automatically a member of Student Assembly — an integral part of APTATA that will allow you to have opportunities for leadership and growth during your educational process. For more information, access the links below or contact Lisa McLaughlin. The Student Assembly is an APTA component comprised of all student members and focuses on issues relating to students. We are a united group dedicated to advancing the views and concerns of physical therapy students. The Student Assembly serves as the "voice" for physical therapist and physical therapist assistant students. We represent students from every accredited or developing education program across the country. The Student Assembly was established to represent the concerns of students throughout the country in our evolving health care system. Student involvement in Association activities is paramount to the future of the physical therapy profession. Involvement in the Student Assembly is a perfect opportunity for students to learn about issues, become involved, and meet lifelong acquaintances. All students must work toward a common goal; that is, to learn about the profession and how to help advance the profession as we move toward managed care.

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New Professionals Who Are New Professionals? If you’re a physical therapist in the first 5 years of your career, APTA considers you a New Professional. APTA has designed special resources and events just for you. Watch for them throughout the year online and in print!

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