Get Involved

Get Involved

Calling All Physical Therapy Members Who Want to Make a Difference!  Now is the time to consider a position with APTA District of Columbia.

Leadership Opportunities Each year, the DCPTA elects and appoints its leadership team. As we approach our Fall meeting, please consider taking a leadership role in the DCPTA. There are a variety of opportunities - something to fit everyone’s skills & interests as well as time & energy availability. If you have any questions or want more information about a particular role, go to or contact anyone on the Nominating committee (contact information below). And even if you do not plan to get involved this year – come and vote at the Fall meeting!

Thanks! Your Nominating Committee 
  • President-Elect (1 Year term)
    Observe and assist with President's duties
  • Secretary (3 – year term)
    Record and keep the minutes of the membership and Board of Directors meetings.  
  • Committees
    • Nominating (1 to be elected; most senior on the committee is the Chair)
      The nominating Committee prepares a slate of at least two candidates, if possible, for officers, directors, delegates and members of the Nominating Committee.  The committee also fosters activities that maintain and promote a pool of nominees.
    • Membership  (1 to be elected; most senior on the committee is the Chair)
      To make our voices heard and play a key role in the health care delivery system of today and the future, it is vital that we have an active, growing membership.  The Membership Committee is charged with the task of meeting this need by attracting new members and retaining existing members.

      Recruitment activities are tailored to the audience and stress the benefits of membership in a professional association.  Emphasis is placed upon recruitment of students, new licensees, and a diverse group of PT and PTA professionals.

      Through recruitment and retention activities, the committee obtains information about members’ expectations to provide guidance to other committees so that association activities may be structured to meet the members’ needs.

Other Ways to Get Involved: Join a Committee

  • Community Relations committee (chair and supporting members)APTA and APTA District of Columbia mission statement reflects why we exist: YOU. Your efforts impact the lives of patients, students, and colleagues on a daily basis. Your engagement in the conversation and the work of this association is how we move this profession forward. Build your community by volunteering. This position helps make connections to community events and organizations to help our members get ENGAGED.
  • Continuing Education committee (supporting members) Do you have ideas on topics and speakers that you want DCPTA to sponsor?
  • Finance committee (supporting members) Do you love to balance your check book? Do you want to help balance ours?
  • Payment committee (supporting members) Are you the payment expert in your office? Do you stay in the know with APTA resources? This position gets direct links and updates from National.
  • Practice committee (supporting members) Are you the go to person in the office for practice questions? Do you want to share your expertise with your colleagues? Do you stay in the know with APTA resources? This position gets direct links and updates from National.
  • State Policy and Advocacy (chair and supporting members) Do you think you should have been a politician? Are you geared up for the State Policy Forum in December? Do you want to represent DCPTA and help us improve our grassroots?

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